Designaknit 8 now available

Designaknit is a great software tool enabling both hand and machine knitters to design garments and stitch patterns.

Designaknit 8 is the biggest upgrade to date, bringing it in line with the modern Windows environment.

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Upgrade your existing version or buy new

Launched globally by Soft Byte Ltd in September 2011, this latest software upgrade has proved a huge hit with devotees with everything in one program for the hand & machine knitter or designer who wants it all.

Unfortunately, we were not able to test drive this software as it is only available for Windows operating systems, but we have been told that a Mac version will be forthcoming with the next major release.

However, Machine Knitting Monthly gave DK8 a big thumb up in it’s October issue review.

Choose your package…

Three versions of the latest software are available;


More features for the domestic machine knitter
A complete design and charting system for the hand knitter,
including an extensive collection of stitch cables. Select from
200 new hand knitting stitch symbols with abbreviations and
knitting instructions. Use as they are or alter to suit your needs.

Machine Standard

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Packed full of new feaures

The basics for machine knitters with a set of standard garment
shapes and great stitch pattern design features. Full support for
colour changers. Optional cable connections are available for
almost any machine.

Machine Pro

More features for the domestic machine knitter.
features of Machine Standard plus the freedom of
Original Pattern Drafting*. (*Included in HandKnit, Machine
Pro, and Complete editions.

Easy Graphics

  • Take images from internet,camera, graphics programs, or scanner, and convert to stitch patterns.
  • Control exactly how image colours are converted to yarn colours.
  • Pick colours from the image or from your yarns.
  • Choose how many stitches & rows, and the number of colours per row to convert to.
  • Use bird’s eye patterns to create extra in between colour shades.
  • Design with the new Cables Tool. The new font of hand and machine knit symbols.
  • Adjust patterns made with Graphics Studio or draw from scratch, for a variety of knit methods.
  • Use a standard size for men, women, children, or babies, or edit body measurements & ease for a perfect fit.
  • Keep database of personal data. Adjust styling features.

Versatile original pattern drafting

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Original pattern drafting

A versatile pattern drafting tool to create a range of tops and skirts.
Design multicoloured and textured stitch patterns, and integrate with garment shapes.
Trace directly onto the screen using a graphics tablet, and draw text with any TrueType font, or start from a square block.

  • Take full control over edge shaping with the new Exact Stitch Layout
  • Alter a standard garment, experimenting with layout and orientation, cutting or joining pieces…
  • Choose from a wide range of printout formats.
  • Receive row by row colour change or shaping instructions while you knit by
  • machine or hand.
  • Synchronize almost any knitting machine to your PC using a DesignaKnit cable link.
  • Measure around edges or in a straight line.

Machine Lace

Design machine lace for Silver Reed, Toyota, and Brother using the optional
Lace Tool. While knitting, receive instructions when to change carriage or carriage settings.
Keep on top of your files with the thumbnail viewer.
Visually browse your shapes, stitch patterns, palettes, and graphic files.
Use up to date Windows functionality including long filenames, network, and mousewheel support.

Easy Upgrades­

Designaknit 8 promo images

Machine Lace made easy

DesignaKnit can update itself from the web.
Edit shapes and stitch patterns freely with 20 levels of undo and redo.

System requirements

Windows 98 SE or later.
Compatible with 32 and 64bit Windows.
Free USB port for optional cable links (does not apply to HandKnit).
Screen size at least 800 x 600 pixels.
500 MBytes hard disk space (if installing tutorials). 80 MBytes without tutorials.
Comprehensive search and sort options help you find what you are looking for.
Support by email or telephone is included.

View the PDF leaflets below for more information on this exciting new upgrade.

Where to obtain Designaknit8

DK8 can be purchased from the following retailers;

Andee Knits (UK based with sales also available to US customers)
Yarn store (US)
or direct from Soft Byte Ltd. – The developer’s website is currently awaiting an upgrade, so please use their contact details below.
Quarry Lane,
SY10 9HH,
Tel 01691 828556
Fax 01691 828195


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