Casting on – First Stitch

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Casting on, is the knitting term used to describe the method of creating the first row of stitches.

How much yarn?

Before casting on, you are going to have to determine how much will be needed for the first row of stitches.

As a general rule 1 cm = 1 stitch.  However, a knitting pattern may give you this instruction but it is wise to allow more than you think you need.

Use the 1 cm = 1 stitch rules and then add half an arms length.  It really does not matter if you have too much, because this can be used for stitching up with later.  However, if you have too little, it is heartbreaking to cast on a row of 100 stitches and find you are only 4 or 5 short…the only option is to pull off your stitches and start again!

The Slip knot

Regardless of which cast on technique you want to use, the very first stitch is made by creating a slip knot.

There are many variations on a theme, but we think that this is one of the simplest and less fiddly forms to manage.



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